April 27, 2018Lompoc News

Proletarian red in NL

Bryan Keilty from Lompoc was in the The Netherlands to brew beer with Poesiat & Kater. Beer is available on draft. Order at http://www.usabeer.nl/proletariat-red/

April 27, 2018Lompoc News

Lompoc is hosting Kingday

Dutch beer at Lompoc

At april 27 Lompoc is hosting A typical Dutch event named 'Kingsday'. Beer from the Netherlands will be available on draft. Beer from Dutch brewers like Oproer and Frontaal.

September 29, 2016Made Here platforms News

Celebrating the simularities of Utrecht and Portland

Photo expo between october 7th and october 27th 2016

Photo's expo in Utrecht city hall, photo's made by Ron Hendriks. He walked, lived and biked through the city of Portland. Taking pictures to document the differences in the simularities between Utrecht and Portland, read more.

The cities Portland and Utrecht are friends since 19 december 2012. Both cities are actively helping Businesses to seek opportunities throught PUN (Portland Utrecht network) meetings. 

BLI Partners

Blipartners is helping small and medium size Businesses from the two cities to cross the ocean. Blipartners creates low cost opportunites for strong brands. Taking care of logistics, law and finance. 

September 29, 2016Damn Good Soap Company News

Partner Damn Good Soap Company ready for the shopping season

After its launch in the PDX store in Portland in april 2016, Bli partners are taking the next step by introducing the Damn Good Soap in shops in Portland. Owner of DGSC and partner Ryan Flynn are hitting the pavement first week of october 2016. If you are a shop owner, and we should contact you, please feel free to contact us. 

More information regarding DGSC please check: http://blipartners.com/ca…



July 20, 2016Oproer brouwerij News

Ryan on trade mission in Portland

Our partner Ryan is this summer in Portland. During his stay, he got the chance to meet up with brewers in the area. Ryan is exploring the brewing capacity in Portland for our local Dutch brewers to see if they can brew in Portland and to check interest in exchange of capacity. 

Portland is the craft beer capital of the world. With 58 breweries in the city and 83 breweries in the urban area, Portland has the most breweries of any cities in the United States. With that many breweries, brewing capacity for newcomers on the market is scarce. We are finding ways for the Dutch brewer to set foot on this holy land for brewers.

Ryan will attend at the Oregon Brewers Festival which will be held in Portland from the 27th until the 31st of July. The brewers fest has its own Dutch stand. Come and check it out!