Bringing fine soap to the States

How we are helping the Utrecht based Damn Good Soap Company expand their business

The owner of the Damn Good Soap Companies is one of those guys you instantly like. And his coolness reflects definetly on his products. We consider ourselves lucky to have a partner like the Damn Good Soap Companies.

On our first trade mission to Portland, the soap got noticed by John Connor of the MadeHerePDX store. He thought the bear garment would sell good in his store and ordered a bunch of everything. 

Cutting the fine soap

The products of Damn Good Soap are all hand made, produced in the little manufacture in Utrecht. All products contain natural ingredienst and natural ingredients only. Designed by a bearded man, for all the other bearded men out there.  

Our first brand launch in Portland

To us, the Damn Good Soap is a special partner. He was part of our first order and shipment from the Netherland to Portland. That's why we were glad that Ryan could hand the second order of the Damn Goodies from MadeHerePDX in person.

And right there, John told him something we alreday knew: the customers in the store just love the products of the Damn Good Soap.

People love that product

We are happy to partner with Jasper to achieve his goal for his soaps and balms: world domination!

Damn Good Soap Company