supporting the maker movement

Portland Made

By fostering relationships within our local economy and banding together, we are working to grow and build a robust urban manufacturing economy. We believe that a highly diversified economy is more resilient and more invested in local communities over time, so we represent companies that generally have under 200 employees and a strong commitment to growing locally.

We refer to our 50+ member companies as makers and artisanal manufacturers because of the size and scale of their operations. Our members are both business to consumer and business to business, and the whole ecosystem thrives through a network of connections that are located in close proximity to each other.

Portland Made logo

Portland Made is a collective of over 500 subscribers from around the Portland Metropolitan Area that generate tens of thousands of jobs and billions of dollars in economic activity for our local economy.

The Portland Made Collective:

  • Features member company profiles on our website and directs consumers to your online stores.
  • Connects members with more local, national and international markets through our work with the Urban Manufacturing Alliance and other partners.
  • Connects members with local professional and manufacturing resources.
  • Helps members find affordable real estate.
  • Promotes members with local and national media.
  • Advocates for Makers with politicians at all levels of government.
  • Work with PSU on an annual survey that captures the economic power of the Maker Movement.
  • Features two of our favorite Portland Makers every month.

As a social impact company, PMC is committed to providing our members with opportunities to grow through media and marketing support, professional development workshops and meet-ups, promotional events, retail opportunities and other local partnerships that directly impact the success of your business.